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Du lịch Nghệ An - Hà Tĩnh - Tour guide

  • Phu Quoc - Ham Ninh Village

    Originally, the residents in Ham Ninh used to solely rely on fishing to make a living, but in some recent years, tourism is a major source of income as they sell seafood, handmade souvenir to tourists.

    In hot summer days, traveling to Ham Ninh, visitors are likely to leave their bustling life behind, and be lost into the picturesque scenery here. Stunned by the turquoise sea, tourists are certainly tempted to immerse themselves into the cool water and contemplate small fishes swimming beside them, and seaweeds floating in the blue water.

    Visiting Ham Ninh, travelers have a golden chance to taste mouth-watering and healthful drinks and seafood like ginseng- seaweed water, “Tram” mushroom (a special kind of mushroom in the island), sea-horse soaking in the liquor and so on. And it is so great to lie on the sand, enjoy boiled flower crab meat and watch the stunning sunset on the beach. Before coming back home, visitors can buy some flower crabs, a bottle of sea-horse in liquor or some souvenirs made of shell as gifts for friends and family.

    lang ham ninh 2 Ham Ninh Village in Phu Quoc

    Ham Ninh Village in Phu Quoc


    lang ham ninh 1 Ham Ninh Village in Phu Quoc

    Ham Ninh Village in Phu Quoc